[libvirt-users] Help needed on a gentoo system after update to libvirtd 3.1.0

Marko Weber | 8000 weber at zbfmail.de
Tue Mar 7 09:49:06 UTC 2017

Hello list,

i updated on a gentoo system from libvirtd 2.5 to 3.1.0
Now my windows machines cant access internet.
I did a virbr1 with virt-manager and route it to the eth0, works fine on 

on install i get this:

Important: The openrc libvirtd init script is now broken up into two
separate services: libvirtd, that solely handles the daemon, and
libvirt-guests, that takes care of clients during shutdown/restart of 
host. In order to reenable client handling, edit 
and enable the service and start it:

         $ rc-update add libvirt-guests
         $ service libvirt-guests start

For the basic networking support (bridged and routed networks) you don't
need any extra software. For more complex network modes including but 
limited to NATed network, you can enable the 'virt-network' USE flag. It
will pull in required runtime dependencies

If you are using dnsmasq on your system, you will have to configure
/etc/dnsmasq.conf to enable the following settings:

         interface or except-interface

Otherwise you might have issues with your existing DNS server.

For openrc users:

         Please use /etc/conf.d/libvirtd to control the '--listen' 
parameter for

         Use /etc/init.d/libvirt-guests to manage clients on 
restart/shutdown of
         the host. The default configuration will suspend and resume 
running kvm
         guests with 'managedsave'. This behavior can be changed under

virt-manager starts fine and shows my vm´s. i dont touched /etc/dnsmasq 
cause i dont used it. so left untouched.
yes, i added libvirt-guests with rc-update

the virbr1 has as address, and is reachable via ping from 
vm guest.
but it cant resolve hostnames and cant ping ip´s outside the 
virtualisation host.

anyone knows this effect after update?
do i have to change some more things?
or is this a bug?

any help and hints are welcome

thank you

marko weber

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