[libvirt-users] Help needed on a gentoo system after update to libvirtd 3.1.0

Martin Kletzander mkletzan at redhat.com
Wed Mar 8 10:05:28 UTC 2017

On Tue, Mar 07, 2017 at 10:49:06AM +0100, Marko Weber | 8000 wrote:
>Hello list,
>i updated on a gentoo system from libvirtd 2.5 to 3.1.0
>Now my windows machines cant access internet.
>I did a virbr1 with virt-manager and route it to the eth0, works fine on

Firstly, you replied to a message that has nothing to do with this, you
should fix your client if that wasn't just a mistake (which it could've
been, it happens).

I'm not precisely sure what you mean by just 'routing' it.  Can you
attach XMLs of the network and the domain?  Just the interface for the
domain would be enough.

>on install i get this:


>For the basic networking support (bridged and routed networks) you don't
>need any extra software. For more complex network modes including but
>limited to NATed network, you can enable the 'virt-network' USE flag. It
>will pull in required runtime dependencies


>virt-manager starts fine and shows my vm´s. i dont touched /etc/dnsmasq
>cause i dont used it. so left untouched.
>yes, i added libvirt-guests with rc-update

From all the above, only the virt-network USE flag is related.  Do you
have it enabled?

>the virbr1 has as address, and is reachable via ping from
>vm guest.
>but it cant resolve hostnames and cant ping ip´s outside the
>virtualisation host.

So this is why I had a feeling it's not just routed out.  It's NATted
network, OK.  So for DNS resolution you need dnsmasq running on the host
or setup nameservers to point to outside ones if you are using just
static IPs.  For accessing outside networks there should be iptables
rules for all that to work.  Can you check if they changed during the

Also, did you restart the network?  You shouldn't (need to) do that when
the domain is running.

>anyone knows this effect after update?
>do i have to change some more things?
>or is this a bug?

There should be no need to change anything.

>any help and hints are welcome
>thank you
>marko weber
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