[libvirt-users] [RFC] per-device metadata

Francesco Romani fromani at redhat.com
Wed Mar 8 11:20:03 UTC 2017


Would it be feasible? Or is the very basic idea unfit?


On 02/27/2017 04:41 PM, Francesco Romani wrote:
> Hi,
> Currently libvirt supports metadata in the domain XML. This is very
> convenient for data related to the VM, but it is a little awkward for
> devices. Let's pretend I want to have extradata (say, a specific port
> for a virtual switch) related to a device (say, a NIC). Nowadays I can
> store that data in the metadata section, but I need some kind of mapping
> to correlate this piece of information to the specific device.
> I can use the device alias, but this is not available when the device is
> created. This is also more complex when doing hotplug/hotunplug, because
> I need to do update device and update metadata; if either fails, the
> entire operation must be considered failed.
> It would be nice to be able to attach metadata to the device, and this
> is what I'm asking for/proposing in this mail.
> Would it be possible in a future libvirt release?
> If this is not possible, what's the best way to do the aforementioned
> mapping? If it's alias (or device address), how can I be sure than I'm
> addressing (no pun intended) the right device when I don't have them?
> (e.g. hotplug new device, or just first time VM created)?
> Thanks,

Francesco Romani
Red Hat Engineering Virtualization R & D
IRC: fromani

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