[libvirt-users] building virtual desktops with libvirt, KVM, SPICE and GNOME

Daniel Pocock daniel at pocock.pro
Wed Mar 15 10:26:20 UTC 2017

Can anybody comment on how to host virtual desktops on a headless server
using libvirt and KVM on the server and a SPICE client to access the
virtual desktop?  Is there a standard way of doing this?

I've seen many fragments of information about how to do this but I
didn't come across a single guide describing the entire solution. 
Search engines also return a lot of information about gaining remote
access to a real physical desktop but that is not what I'm looking for. 
I've also come across many real-world scenarios where people are
manually starting VNC server processes for each user on different ports
but I was hoping to find out if there is a more standard way of doing
this now.

When I say "virtual desktop", the type of user experience I'm thinking
about is that named users can run a SPICE client anywhere and always
connect to the same host/desktop.  E.g. if they leave some windows open,
disconnect, go to another physical machine and reconnect with the same
username they will see the same desktop with the same windows open.



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