[libvirt-users] Get PID of a domain's QEMU instance from its domain ID

Thibaut SAUTEREAU thibaut.sautereau at telecom-sudparis.eu
Mon Mar 20 13:11:21 UTC 2017


I cannot find a way to retrieve PIDs of QEMU instances from libvirt domains'
IDs (I'm using libvirt C API). I recognize it sounds like a bad idea doing so
(and I know PIDs are explicitly made not available, as I gathered from the
source code and on your IRC channel) but I need that to use the perf_event_open
syscall in order to gather statistics on my QEMU/KVM guests. I also know
libvirt now supports some perf events but only a few and I need more. I could
submit patches to add them and I will definitely consider that but in the

What would be the best way to get those PIDs? I tried using the XML file but
PID is hidden in there too. I took a look at QEMU Machine Protocol. Now I'm
going to walk /proc and match on guests names but it is not that elegant.
Any ideas?


Thibaut S.

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