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On Wed, Sep 27, 2017 at 06:23:17PM +0800, llilulu wrote:
> Hi
>     My libvirt is 3.4.0,When I create a kvm domain,  I use default <video> (type=cirrus, I not set video) create guest(debian9.1.0), but when finish install the guest and reboot, the guest will block in "started update utmp about system runlevel changes", I search on Internet, and find  is graphics card problem, I change the <video> type=vga, the problem disppear。The domain xml docs say, I can set type=qxl, ..., but qemu -vga args has other type support, (qemu  --help,  -vga [std|cirrus|qxl....), I want to know how I use other <video> type in my domain xml.
>     Thanks very!!!


To get the list of supported video devices in libvirt read the
"Video devices" section in libvirt documentation [1].  Only those
video devices are supported in libvirt.

The only confusing thing with that can be the fact, that "-vga std"
is mapped to "-device VGA" and in libvirt it's "vga".  Similarly
the "-vga vmware" is mapped to "-device vmware-svga" and the name in
libvirt is "vmvga".

In most cases the best choice is "qxl", but some systems have a bugs in
driver for the "qxl" device so if it doesn't work you can change it to

You might be interested in virt-manager, if you install a guest using
virt-manager and you tell it what typo of OS you are installing
virt-manager tries to configure the best defaults for that OS.

For the implementation details, libvirt doesn't use the "-vga" option
because you cannot easily configure other parameters using this option.
Libvirt uses a -device option to configure video device.  To get the
list of devices just run "qemu -device ?", there is a section
"Display devices", with the version of the qemu in my system I have the
following output:

    Display devices:
    name "cirrus-vga", bus PCI, desc "Cirrus CLGD 54xx VGA"
    name "isa-cirrus-vga", bus ISA
    name "isa-vga", bus ISA
    name "qxl", bus PCI, desc "Spice QXL GPU (secondary)"
    name "qxl-vga", bus PCI, desc "Spice QXL GPU (primary, vga compatible)"
    name "secondary-vga", bus PCI
    name "sga", bus ISA, desc "Serial Graphics Adapter"
    name "VGA", bus PCI
    name "virtio-gpu-pci", bus PCI, alias "virtio-gpu"
    name "virtio-vga", bus PCI
    name "vmware-svga", bus PCI


[1] <http://libvirt.org/formatdomain.html#elementsVideo>

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