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Re: [libvirt-users] KVM or Qemu

On Mon, Mar 12, 2018 at 03:24:58PM -0400, Jamie Fargen wrote:
> List-
> I know this may be slightly off topic and if so tell me to hit up the
> emu-discuss mailing list, but does anyone know how to detect the difference
> between a guest that is being fully emulates using qemu and a guest that is
> running para-virtualized using KVM?


>  Since it is report a Qemu cpu and Manufacturer Bochs I am suspecting that
> it is qemu fully emulated vs KVM para-virtualized.

Unfortunately that's not sufficient to distinguish it. The fairly "standard"
way to identify different hypervisors at a technical level on x86 is to read
CPUID leaf 0x40000000.  For KVM it reports the string "KVMKVMKVM\0\0\0"
while on QEMU >= 2.10 it reports "TCGTCGTCGTCG" for QEMU emulation.

In general it is best not to try this yourself and instead just run the
"virt-what" command, as there are many other heuristics to check for
various hypervisors / architectures.

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