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[libvirt-users] 回复: Fwd: About libvi rt domain snapshot problem(for single disk snapshot)

My negligence。

James Iter

在 2018年3月22日 星期四,下午11:02,Dominik Psenner 写道:

I believe that Your mail went to the wrong recipient. As far as I'm
concerned it should have been sent to the libvirt-users mailing list,
shouldn't it?

On 2018-03-22 15:55, James Iter wrote:
Thank your reply.
I found the method.
Now, I sharing to you.
When create snapshot, just add ’no’ value to the ’snapshot’ option with —diskspec.
As below:

``` bash
snapshot-create-as 8x0lbzvS --name sys_disk --disk-only --quiesce --atomic --diskspec "vda,snapshot=external" --diskspec "vdb,snapshot=no"

James Iter

在 2018年3月21日 星期三,下午6:24,Dominik Psenner 写道:

(shameless plug)
To do automated daily backups of a few machines I wrote a small toolset to get the job done and make it as less a hassle as you can get. The source is on github https://github.com/dpsenner/libvirt-administration-tools/. Use it if you find it useful.
Note that I have yet not tested it with multiple disks but the tool uses the output of `virsh dombklst`. In theory that should snapshot all disks of a guest machine.
On Tue, 20 Mar 2018, 19:54 James Iter, <james iter cn gmail com (mailto:james iter cn gmail com)> wrote:
Hi, dear friends.
My guest has two disks, vda and vdb. both are qcow2 local file.
When guest running state.
I want to take the vda snapshot of guest(just vda, no include vdb). but I met libvirt do snapshot for all disks of guest.
About methods as follow:
``` bash
snapshot-create-as 8x0lbzvS --name sys_disk3 --disk-only --diskspec "vda,snapshot=external"
``` result
[root 10k03 ~]# ls -lh /opt/Images/*sys_disk3
-rw-------. 1 qemu qemu 194K 3月 20 23:27 /opt/Images/00d76a58-9637-4402-9739-21afd1246e06.sys_disk3
-rw-------. 1 qemu qemu 704K 3月 20 23:52 /opt/Images/8d582c1c-355a-4297-9434-2f2f562c77df.sys_disk3
``` python
#!/usr/bin/env python
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
import libvirt
import libvirt_qemu
import json
import sys
name = sys.argv[1]
print name
conn = libvirt.open()
dom = conn.lookupByName(name)
xml = """
<description>By xml</description>
<disk name='vda' snapshot='external'>
flags = 0
ret = dom.snapshotCreateXML(xmlDesc=xml, flags=flags)
``` result
[root 10k03 ~]# ls -lh /opt/Images/*sysdisk_by_xml
-rw-------. 1 qemu qemu 194K 3月 20 23:52 /opt/Images/00d76a58-9637-4402-9739-21afd1246e06.sysdisk_by_xml
-rw-------. 1 qemu qemu 1.2M 3月 21 00:03 /opt/Images/8d582c1c-355a-4297-9434-2f2f562c77df.sysdisk_by_xml
Now, I want to ask you, have you found the method?
James Iter
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