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Re: [libvirt-users] This QEMU doesn't support the LSI 53C895A SCSI controller

On 02/10/2018 09:19, Andrea Bolognani wrote:
Your assessment looks correct, and the controller is indeed compiled
out downstream. Filing a BZ sounds like a reasonable next step, but
you might also want to investigate virt-v2v, which I believe will
take care of switching to the more performant virtio-scsi (including
installing the necessary drivers) for you when moving guests off

Hi Andrea, thanks for the reply.

From my understanding, virt-v2v use virt-win-reg to open the disk image and install new drivers in the registry. I am doing a very similar thing by manually using virt-win-reg to add the mergeide.reg file to enable booting from any IDE controller.

That said, both virt-v2v and manual virt-win-reg have a significant shortcoming: when used on non-cleanly-shutdown images, the act of opening the NTFS filesystem alters the journal/filesystem state. In one planned lab test I found some file to be corrupted after running virt-win-reg, and I traced back the cause to the unclean NTFS shutdown/mounting.

Adding a supported controller will prevent any issue: even with an unclean shutdown, the machine will boot and replay its NTFS journal. If needed, it can also run the proper Windows filesystem checking tool (chkdsk) which is, as far I know, better positioned to correct any filesystem problem.

Am I missing something?

Danti Gionatan
Supporto Tecnico
Assyoma S.r.l. - www.assyoma.it
email: g danti assyoma it - info assyoma it
GPG public key ID: FF5F32A8

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