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Re: [libvirt-users] how "safe" is blockcommit ?

> ----- On Sep 7, 2018, at 9:26 PM, Eric Blake eblake redhat com wrote:
>> On 09/07/2018 12:06 PM, Lentes, Bernd wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> currently i'm following
>>> https://wiki.libvirt.org/page/Live-disk-backup-with-active-blockcommit. I 'm
>>> playing around with it and it seems to be quite nice.
>>> What i want is a daily consistent backup of my image file of the guest.
>>> I have the idea of the following procedure:
>>> - Shutdown the guest (i can live with a downtime of a few minutes, it will
>>> happen in the night).
>>>    And i think it's the only way to have a real clean snapshot
>> Not the only way - you can also use qemu-guest-agent with a trusted
>> guest to quiesce all filesystem I/O after freezing database operations
>> at a consistent point, for a clean snapshot of a live guest.  But
>> shutting down is indeed safe, and easier to reason about than worrying
>> whether your qga interaction is properly hooked into all necessary
>> places for a live quiesce.
>>> - create a snapshot with snapshot-create-as: snapshot-create-as guest testsn
>>> --disk-only
>>> - start the guest again. Changes will now go into the overlay, as e.g. inserts
>>> in a database
>>> - rsync the base file to a cifs server. With rsync not the complete, likely big
>>> file is transferred but just the delta
>> We're also trying to add support for incremental backups into a future
>> version of libvirt on top of the qemu 3.0 feature of persistent bitmaps
>> in qcow2 images, which could indeed guarantee that you transfer only the
>> portions of the guest disk that were touched since the last backup.  But
>> as that's still something I'm trying to code up, your solution of using
>> rsync to pick out the deltas is as good as anything you can get right now.
>>> - blockcommit the overlay: blockcommit guest /path/to/testsn --active --wait
>>> --verbose --pivot
>>> - delete the snapshot: snapshot-delete guest --snapshotname testsn --metadata
>>> - remove the overlay
>>> Is that ok ? How "safe" is blockcommit on a running guest ?
>> Yep, that's the right way to do it!  It's perfectly safe - the guest
>> doesn't care whether it is reading/writing from the backing file or the
>> overlay, and even if the blockcommit action is aborted, you can restart
>> it for the same effects.
>> (Okay, if you want to get technical, you need to know that committing
>> from 'Base <- mid <- top' down to 'Base' leaves 'mid' in an inconsistent
>> state - but that's not something the guest can see through 'top'; and
>> your specific case is just committing to the immediate backing layer
>> rather than skipping layers like that).
>>> It's possible that during the rsync, when the guest is running, some inserts are
>>> done in a database.
>> As long as the backing file is read-only during the rsync (which it is,
>> since all your guest writes are going to the overlay), then nothing the
>> guest can do will interfere with what rsync can see.  Just be sure that
>> you don't start the blockcommit until after rsync is done.
>>> Is it safe to copy the new sectors (i assume that's what blockcommit does) under
>>> a running database ?
>>> Or is it only safe doing blockcommit on a stopped guest ?
>> Live blockcommit is safe, and exists so you don't have to stop the guest.


i thought i got the procedure i needed, but a problem arise.
My guests are resources in a pacemaker cluster. I start/stop the guests through the cluster.
But when i stop the guest via pacemaker, libvirt doesn't know the guest any longer.
After a successfull stop "virsh list --all" doesn't show any guest. So i can't take a sanpshot with libvirt.
What is about qemu-img ? Could i still use my procedure ?
- stop the guest via cluster
- snapshot with qemu-img
- start the guest via cluster
- rsync the snapshot to a file server
- commit the snapshot with qemu-img to a running guest (i think this will be the problem)

Thanks for any thoughts.


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