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Re: [libvirt-users] libvirtd via unix socket using system uri

On 4/29/19 1:06 PM, lameventanas gmail com wrote:
I want to run libvirtd as a special user, and allowing users that belong
to a special group to connect via qemu+unix:///system (eg: unix socket).

I did everything necessary to do so: created a libvirt user and group,
added the libvirt user to the kvm group, added my normal user to the
libvirt group, and made sure the socket is owned by libvirt:libvirt with
permissions set to 770.

libvirtd starts successfully, but when I try to connect as the normal
user I get this error:

bash$ virsh --connect qemu+unix://system
error: failed to connect to the hypervisor
error: invalid argument: using unix socket and remote server 'system' is
not supported.

This is not valid URI.


You may want to use 'qemu+unix:///system' or simply 'qemu:///system' which is the same because libvirt connects via unix socket by default.

Anyway, you'll need to run libvirtd privileged, otherwise it'll get EPERM when trying to do almost anything.


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