[libvirt-users] xen and libvirt

Christoph mangel at gmx.de
Sat Jan 5 09:32:47 UTC 2019


I need the e820_host option for a passthrough of an digitaldevices 
dvb-s2 card. Without this I'cant initialize the card in the domU.

On an all my domU's with high IO load like an file server I need to set 
max_grant_frames = 64 or higher. Without this I get a lot of messages on 
dom0/domU and kernel exceptions.
I've read it should be ok to set it = 256 on all domU's (somewhere on 
SuSE pages), so if there is a possibility to set it global on 
hyperviser, this could be a solution for me.
With xl.conf it is possible but libvirt doesnt look there for the 
settings. I've tried to set it in libxl.conf, but this doesnt work to.

Am 2019-01-04 18:42, schrieb Jim Fehlig:
> On 1/4/19 9:14 AM, Christoph wrote:
>> Hi
>> Does someone know how it is possible these parameters:
>> e820_host
>> max_grant_frames
>> to set with libvirt xml config?
> Currently, those settings are not supported by libvirt. Do you need to
> adjust them for PCI passthrough to PV domains?
> I took a quick peek at xl.cfg(5) and based on the description of those
> settings didn't see a counterpart in the libvirt domain schema.
> Perhaps understanding use-cases will help with modeling those settings
> in libvirt domain XML.
> Regards,
> Jim


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