[libvirt-users] Problems with incoming multicasts

David Gra david.grafberger at googlemail.com
Thu Jan 24 13:07:00 UTC 2019


I have realized a problem with incomming multicast packages to a VM.

My Setup is:
1 Host with 1 VM. On the external Network (Host: eth0), there ist a
Multicast Stream. The packages are visible at the hosts eth0. The Guest is
connected via macvtap to the eth0 from the Host.

Host and Guest ist CentOS 7.6 in Future it should be RedHat 7.6.

The guest is connected via macvtap0 to eth0.
If i performe tcpdump on eth0 of the host, i can see teh packages.
If i performe tcpdump on macvtap0 on the host, i can see the packages
If i performe tcpdump on the guests eth0, i can't see the multicast

Normal unicast communications to the external systems are still working.
All my network is only IPv4.

Is there a limitation to multicast on libvirt?

Best regards and thank's a lot for your help!
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