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[libvirt-users] Question regarding using multiple physical functions inside a network pool.



I was planning on adding multiple physical functions using the built in SR-IOV features offered by libvirt to a create a bigger pool of virtual functions using the  


<forward mode='hostdev' managed='yes'> heading


(I want to be able to use more virtual machines then there are virtual functions available on an ethernet port).


As soon as I try to define multiple physical functions in a pool, I get this error:



error: Failed to define network from biggernetwork.xml

error: XML error: Only one <pf> element is allowed in <forward> of network bigger network



when using this command:


sudo virsh net-define biggernetwork.xml



on the following XML document:



   <name>bigger network</name>

   <forward mode='hostdev' managed='yes'>

    <pf dev='eth5'/>

    <pf dev='eth7'/>




It seems that you are not able to add multiple physical functions to this network to create a pool of more virtual functions.


Is there anyway that you can do this using that I am missing? I seem to be looking at the documentation and there seems to be nothing related to this. I think this would be extremely useful and would make automate adding virtual functions to virtual machines much easier to manage.


Thanks in advance,


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