[libvirt-users] [iGVT-g] GVT-g - suboptimal user experience

Alex Ivanov gnidorah at ya.ru
Wed May 8 16:34:32 UTC 2019


All features are about usability and simple user experience.

1. Its about local display / dmabuf feature. Currently user needs to use virt-viewer tool. But virt-manager already incorporates graphical console. It would be nice if it could support accelerated gvt-g local display. Preferably with minimum performance overhead. Also virt-manager should allow to use mdev videocard alone, without requiring to use additional primary virtual adapter like QXL or Cirrus

2. Currently with gvt solution there few mdev devices each with fixed resolution. User should be able to configure own resolutions for devices at host without additional manipulations in guest. Ideally, resolution should be dynamic and change appropriately on resize of virt-manager window

3. This is about windows guest and VM configured with UEFI (OVMF) instead of BIOS. I head its about dropping OpRegion dependency in Windows guest driver to support that configuration

Thank you.

20.04.2019, 05:14, "Yuan, Hang" <hang.yuan at intel.com>:
> Could you elaborate a bit more about the first two features? On UEFI VMs support (Windows guest), do you mean enabling Windows VM display on UEFI? Thanks.
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>>  Hi.
>>  In the current state of gvt-g the user experience is suboptimal.
>>  So my question is what are the ETAs for following features:
>>  1. Accelerated virt-manager console using gvt-g device 2. Custom resolutions
>>  or dynamic resolution 3. UEFI VMs support (Windows guest) Thanks.
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