[libvirt-users] VM display is blank when open (but Gnome Boxes thumbnails ok)

Michel Rozpendowski mro at osimis.io
Mon May 13 14:40:55 UTC 2019


I also posted this question on the IRC #virt channel but have not received
any reaction at the moment of posting this message to the mailing list.

Since I last turned off my laptop (Dell XPS-15-9570 running Ubuntu 19.04)
on Friday 10 May (I had to do it by long power press by the way), I am no
longer able to get the display of my VMs: I am getting a black screen, even
though I can see it running in the thumbnail of Gnome Boxes.
You can see the described behaviour on the following video capture:
Troubleshooting Log from Gnome Boxes is available here:
It was working all properly on Friday before I turn off my laptop.

Any clue what could be wrong and how I could solve this issue (I digged the
Internet for 2 hours without success)?

Thanks in advance for your help!

Kind regards,

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