[libvirt-users] Descriptions of mdev types?

Milan Zamazal mzamazal at redhat.com
Tue Nov 19 16:38:54 UTC 2019

Hi, when retrieving an mdev device info using `virsh nodedev-dumpxml' or
the libvirt API, something like the following is returned:

    <capability type='mdev_types'>
      <type id='nvidia-210'>
        <name>GRID M60-2B4</name>

Besides device_api, available_instances and (optional) `name',
`description' of the given mdev type may be optionally provided in
/sys/.../mdev_supported_types/... for each of the available mdev types.
I can see in the sources that libvirt doesn't try to retrieve it -- is
it intentionally or is it just an omission?  If the latter, could it be
added, please?  It looks like a useful piece of information for the user
to get an idea what the given mdev type means.


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