[libvirt-users] Getting "Unable to set XATTR" on libvirt 5.6.0 inside containers

Roman Mohr rmohr at redhat.com
Thu Nov 21 14:08:34 UTC 2019


We are updating KubeVirt to libvirt 5.6.0. Before that we were running on
5.0.0. It seems like something regarding setting xattrs on files has
changed, because with libvirt 5.6.0 we are getting the following error:

Unable to set XATTR trusted.libvirt.security.dac on
/var/lib/libvirt/qemu/domain-410-default_vmi-fedora: Operation not

The main problem is for us is that container filesystems don't necessarily
support setting xattrs.

My questions would therfore be:

 * Does anyone know what has changed, and why?
 * Can it be disabled?

Thanks a lot and Best Regards,
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