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[libvirt-users] Transient permission denied errors when sending audit logs


In kubevirt we are running into a strange permission problem on libvirt-5.0. We see transient "Permission Denied" errors when "virAuditSend" wants to send an audit log. [1] shows the logs of one of these containers. Here an example:

{"component":"virt-launcher","level":"warning","msg":"Failed to send audit message virt=kvm vm=\"kubevirt-test-default_testvmit2pqrkrlrwbhptcjcs4n67jn6pjqvmtd7pkrpdmkrl5sldzs4rxr9zdg8m45jxz\" uuid=56a33283-f6d7-4002-b188-1fed83186545 vm-ctx=+107:+107 img-ctx=+107:+107 model=dac: Permission denied","pos":"virAuditSend:141","subcomponent":"libvirt","thread":"30","timestamp":"2019-10-08T23:58:40.651000Z"}

We recently switched in kubevirt to a dedicated selinux policy and remove the general "privileged" flag from the containers where we run libvirt in. This is very likely related to it, but we can't make sense out of it, because:

 * It randomly affects one out of a few hundred containers which we start
 * It is not bound to a specific node
 * It is only transient on that container. After a few denials libvirt can just continue.
 * Sometimes it is accompanied with a transient "Permission denied" on /dev/null from our code in that container (so not from something which libvirt tries to do).

Has someone seen something like this before in different environments?

Best Regards,

[1] https://storage.googleapis.com/kubevirt-prow/pr-logs/pull/kubevirt_kubevirt/2623/pull-kubevirt-e2e-os-3.11.0-crio/1181668456550895616/artifacts/pods/1_kubevirt-test-default_virt-launcher-testvmit2pqrkrlrwbhptcjcs4n67jn6pjqvmtd7pkrp75sjh-compute.log

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