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Re: [libvirt-users] Live migrate + change interface name

On 10/17/19 4:26 PM, Marc Roos wrote:

Is it possible to do a live migrate of a guest, having on the from host
a source_device=eth2 and to host a source_dev=eth1?

What management tool are you using that the syntax is "source_device=eth2"?

Are you maybe just paraphrasing your config, and what you actually have is something like this?:

   <interface type='direct'>
     <source dev='eth2'/>


If so, the way to make this easily migratable is to create a network on both hosts that points to the desired physical device, e.g. on host 1:

      <forward mode='bridge'>
        <interface dev='eth2'/>

and on host2:

     (same thing, but use 'eth1')

After net-define-ing the networks, you'll need to net-autostart and net-start them. Then in your guest's interface config, you would use this:

     <interface type='network>
       <source network='direct-net'/>

You will then be able to migrate from one host to the other without needing to modify your XML during the migration.

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