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[libvirt-users] Confused setting up a "Virtual Server Hosting" config

Hi list,

Can anyone advise me on the correct/best set up for Virtual Server Hosting?

I have a guest in my server room wish to migrate to dedicated server I rented in an offsite in a data centre.  I rented a box with one NIC and one public IP.  I installed KVM on it and a guest. (both Ubuntu 18.04 LTS server edition).  I am struggling to get the networking right.

Essentially I want the "Virtual Server Hosting" config mentioned here:

I have not had any luck setting that up.  It is listed in the "Routed" section but the graphic says the virtual switch should be in bridged mode. 

I also tried using macvtap, and since I have only one guest was expecting to be able to just use the host IP but it looks like the data centre have restricted packets to the MAC address of the host NIC.  When set up I can ping the public IP (it is both eh host and the guest?) but not their gateway.  Should a macvtap not be presenting the MAC address of the host NIC to the router and thus allowing packets from the guest?

I clearly have a lack of understanding of how this is working and how it is meant to work.  When I tried the same thing on mt hardware/network I can create myltiple guests that all use the macvtap interface and I have no problems getting connectivity to the outside world.

Before I approach the data centre about this I want to be sure I understand what I am doing.   I ultimately want to host a mail server and several different web servers as guests all behind this one host.  I would alias their public IPs to the host NIC and use IPtables to route traffic based on destination IP.

Does that make sense? Can anyone suggest the right way to achieve this?

Please and thanks.

Paul O'Rorke
Tracker Software Products (Canada) Limited
Tel: +1 (250) 324 1621
Fax: +1 (250) 324 1623

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