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[libvirt-users] libvirt_lxc memory limit, emulator process part of the cgroup?


I am currently investigating a bug with libvirt lxc. Whenever I do a
systemctl daemon-reload on the host, my container loses his memory limit
and then reports having access to 8 exabyte of memory.

I have tracked the issue down to two parts:

memory.limit_in_bytes jumps from the correct value to 9223372036854771712.

libvirt lxc appears to set the memory limit in transient way without
writing a config for systemd. I can't prevent memory.limit_in_bytes
changing by setting the correct value through systemctl set-property
--runtime <scope> MemoryLimit=

tasks in the memory cgroup gets cleaned up.

After starting the container the cgroup contains 3 pid. The pid of the
libvirt_lxc process, the pid of the init process in the container and
third unknown pid that doesn't exists in /proc/.

After a demon-reload only the init processĀ  remains in the cgroup and
unless I move the libvirt_lxc process into the cgroup the memory limit
isn't enforced.

I have also noticed that when starting libvirtd it complains about
GetMachineByPID failing for the libvirt_lxc process.

This leaves me with one big question, the the emulator process
libvirt_lxc supposed to be part of the container's cgroup or not? The
leader of the container is the init process in the container. I am
unsure on how the additional emulator process is supposed to be registered.

Using: Debian Stretch, libvirt 5.0.0-4, systemd 241-7~deb10u1 and hybrid

Maximilian Philipps

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