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AppArmor issue when using gluster storage pool


I'm trying to run a VM image that's stored on a gluster storage pool
which I added to libvirt (5.0.0) on a Debian 10 installation.

Whenever I try to boot a gluster-based VM, I get an error message about
a missing AppArmor profile. In fact, the corresponding files
(/etc/apparmor.d/libvirt/libvirt-{,.files}) are missing. After some
tinkering I noticed that the profile for the VM are in fact missing iff
there is a gluster-based disk attached to the VM in question. Whenever I
remove the disk, the profile files reappear, and when I add it again,
they are not present.

I am wondering what might cause this, and how I could fix, or work
around it, other than outright disabling AppArmor altogether.

Thanks and best regards, Max Schettler

Max Schettler, M.Sc.
TKN, TU Berlin, Germany

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