can hotplug vcpus to running Windows 10 guest, but not unplug

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> qemu-kvm-2.11.2-5.18.1.x86_64
> [...]

> I found a table on
> saying that hotplugging is possible but no hotunplugging.
> But i don't know how recent this information is and if RedHat uses
> libvirt/qemu.
RHV uses a special version of qemu-kvm named qemu-kvm-rhev.
oVirt, the upstream product of RHV, uses a rebuilt package named
Eg in oVirt 4.3.8, that is the latest stable release available right now
and should apply to your doc link limitations
is qemu-kvm-ev-2.12.0-33.1.el7_7.4.x86_64
What is the OS of your hypervisor?
In case of CentOS 7 and not a production one, you could enable the repo
from CentOS-SIG-Virtualization like this:

A repo entry is this one below:

name=CentOS-7 - QEMU EV

Then deinstall qemu-kvm and install qemu-kvm-ev.
I don't remember if yum would detect qemu-kvm as an "obsolete" version of
qemu-kvm-ev, probably yes and in this case you would only need to run
yum install qemu-kvm-ev
and it will replace the old.
Browse the repo packages in case, because it would bring in for example
also another version of seabios (I don't see libvirt packages in between).
But anyway for your special case also with qemu-kvm-ev it seems no Windows
OS is supported for hot unplug.
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