Windows guest stalls during reboot

Benjammin2068 benjammin2068 at
Thu Feb 27 19:50:58 UTC 2020

Hey all,

Quick question.

I have a (RHEL/CentOS v7)  Windows 10 Pro (64bit)  guest that shutdown just fine (i.e. KVM shows the host as shut down), but when Windows is set to reboot, KVM Manager shows the guest screen as shut down, but KVM Manager shows the guest as still running and the system never reboots.

If I do 'virsh list' -- there's no guest running.

If I do 'virch start MyWin10Guest' -- that starts the guest back up and things are like they were before.

Am I missing a new setting someplace?

I can't seem to type in the right thing in Google to help me figure this one out.

Thanks a bunch,


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