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[libvirt-users] Passing multiple addresses with masks to nwfilter


I have a nwfilter that I'm using to ensure that libvirt domains can't spoof IPv6 traffic. It looks like this:

<filter name='no-ipv6-spoofing' chain='ipv6-ip' priority='-710'>
  <rule action="" direction='out' priority='500'>
    <ipv6 srcipaddr='$IPV6' srcipmask='$IPV6MASK'/>
  <rule action="" direction='out' priority='1000'/>

The goal is to allow any traffic coming from the entire prefix (e.g. 2001:db8::/32). This theoretically would work fine when passing in the variables from the domain definition like so:

<filterref filter='no-ipv6-spoofing'>
  <parameter name='IPV6' value='2001:db8:1:6:dc:d2ff:fef2:2181'/>
  <parameter name='IPV6_MASK' value='32'/>

But the problem comes when wanting to allow multiple prefixes (and thus multiple $IPV6 and $IPV6_MASK variables). If there is more than one definition of $IPV6, how could I associate it with a corresponding $IPV6_MASK?

Ideally I would be able to pass an address in CIDR notation directly to srcipaddr, but I don't believe that's an option.

Any guidance would be appreciated. The ultimate goal is to automate this process, so having something like $IPV6_1 and $IPV6_1 would be less than ideal.

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