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[libvirt-users] (no subject)

Dear all,
Please let me start by indicating that I am not from a technical
background, so please be gentle and patient with me.

I am trying to get a snapshot from my virtual machines (vm) and the following
command works for all of them bar one:

# virsh snapshot-create-as --quiesce --no-metadata --domain myvm myvm-state
--diskspec vda,file=overlay.qcow2 --disk-only --atomic

The only exception is this one vm, which has two disks as two separete
qcow2 files: vda and vdb. Vdb contains my nexcloud data, resides on a
btrfs subvolume, and a daily snapshot of this subvolume is taken by a cronjob
by the host machine. Therefore, I do not want to include it in the
snapshot taken by virsh, and therefore I did not include vdb as a
separate --diskspec item, and used the same command indicated above.
However, this fails with the following behavior: a state (or rather
overlay file with a qcow2 extension is created on the host machine's
directory where the image of vdb exists. My question is the following:
Is there a way to direct virsh for only taking a snapshot ignoring one
of the disks? Yes, I can always create that second snapshot/overlay
image of vdb and delete it later, but it doesn't feel very intuitive,
and efficient. However, it is quite possible that I may be completely
overseeing an important aspect of the process, and this may not be possible
due to that :).

Thanks for your inputs in advance.

Hakan Duran

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