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qemu hook: event for source host too

Hello, this is my first time posting on this mailing list.

I wanted to suggest a addition to the qemu hook. I will explain it through my own use case.

I use a shared LVM storage as a volume pool between my nodes. I use lvmlockd in sanlock mode to protect both LVM metadata corruption and concurrent volume mounting.

When I run a VM on a node, I activate the desired LV with exclusive lock (lvchange -aey). When I stop the VM, I deactivate the LV, effectively releasing the exclusive lock (lvchange -an).

When I migrate a VM (both live and offline), the LV has to be activated on both source and target nodes, so I have to use a shared lock (lvchange -asy). That's why I need a hook event on the source host too (as far as I know after my tests, the migration event is only triggered on the target host).

Is such a feature a possibility?

Thanks for your attention.

Guy Godfroy

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