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Re: qemu hook: event for source host too

So, how likely is it possible to get this feature (two new events for the qemu hook)?

Le 22/01/2020 à 10:56, Guy Godfroy a écrit :
That's right, I need also that second hook event.

For your information, for now I manage locks manually or via Ansible. To make hook manage locks, I still need to find out a secure way to run LVM commands from a non-root account, but this is another problem.

Le 22 janvier 2020 10:24:53 GMT+01:00, Michal Privoznik <mprivozn redhat com> a écrit :
On 1/22/20 9:23 AM, Guy Godfroy wrote:
I could launch `lvchange -asy` on the source host manually, but the aim of hooks is to automatically execute such commands and avoid human errors.
Agreed. However, you would need two hooks actually. One that is called on the source when the migration is started, and the other that is called on the destination when the migration is finished (so that you can promote the shared lock to the exclusive again). Just out of curiosity - how do you handle the lock promoting? Michal

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