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Re: blockcommit --pivot does not succeed in conjunction with qemu 5.0.0

On 2020-05-11 08:58, Peter Krempa wrote:
On Fri, May 08, 2020 at 13:05:01 +0200, Thomas Stein wrote:


from 6.3.0 release notes:

- qemu: Fix domain restore from a block device
When using namespaces, libvirt was unable to restore a domain from a
block device because libvirt tried to relabel the device inside the
namespace while QEMU was given FD to the block device in the host.

This is not relevant to block commit in any way.

Ok, thanks for the answer. There must be another reason for my problem then.

cheers, t.

cheers, t.

On 2020-05-08 12:48, Thomas Stein wrote:
> Hello one and all.
> Got a problem with libvirt 6.2.0 and qemu 5.0.0.
> virsh blockcommit mymachine vda --active --verbose --pivot
> works until it shows [100%] but it never actually pivots. It just sits
> there. Is this a known issue with 6.2.0 and i should
> try 6.3.0? For now i switched back to qemu 4.2.0 and this seems to
> solve the issue too. Any hints?

It's hard to tell from this description. It's certainly not something
I've heard of. Both qemu-5.0 and qemu-4.2 allow libvirt to use -blockdev way to configure disks where a lot changed compared to previous versions
but since those two versions both use blockdev it should work the same.

It kind of looks as a problem in qemu but can't tell more without debug

Please follow the steps here https://wiki.libvirt.org/page/DebugLogs and reproduce the bug. I can then look at the log file and see whether I see
some anomalies.

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