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Re: Upgrading the host

On 2/12/21 2:10 AM, Marcin Struzak wrote:

I'm planning on upgrading the OS on my host machine by doing manual re-installation, which will trigger an upgrade of libvirt from 1.1.3 to 6.1.0.  Hardware, storage volumes & paths, etc., will be the same after upgrade.

I was going to redefine & start everything from .xml files, starting with the network

     virsh net-define <network XML>
     virsh net-autostart <network>
     virsh net-start <network>

and following with all the guests

     virsh define <domain XML>
     virsh autostart <domain>
     virsh start <domain>

If you are just upgrading the libvirt package then you do not need to do any of this. Libvirt picks everything up after it's restarted. But if you are installing host from scratch then ..

I have the following questions:

 1. Do I need to generate XML dumps manually, or is it ok to use the
    ones from host's /etc/libvirt?

.. yes, back up XMls here and use define & start as you suggested.

 2. Do I need to define & start storage pools & volumes explicitly, or
    will they be picked up from domain definitions?

Storage pools won't be defined automatically. You need to save their XMLs too. You can find them under /etc/libvirt/storage/. Don't forget on secrets if you use them too.

 3. Anything else I should worry about or prepare ahead?

Not strictly related to libvirt, but machine types might be problem. I guess qemu will be upgraded too and in general the machine type you're using for a domain might not be available in upgraded qemu.

You can view supported machine types by running 'virsh capabilities' with upgraded qemu.

Good luck!


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