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Re: How to open listener of Libvirt ?

On Thu, 2020-12-24 at 13:38 +0800, tommy wrote:
> Hi,every one:
> My Ubuntu is : 20.04 LTS, and I using libvirtd on it to manage KVM vm, but now I can not open listener function of the libvirtd.
>        The libvirtd daemon is capable of starting in two modes.
>        In the traditional mode, it will create and listen on UNIX sockets itself.  If the --listen parameter is given, it will also listen on TCP/IP socket(s),
>        according to the listen_tcp and listen_tls options in /etc/libvirt/libvirtd.conf
>        In socket activation mode, it will rely on systemd to create and listen on the UNIX, and optionally TCP/IP, sockets and pass them as pre-opened file de‐
>        scriptors. In this mode, it is not permitted to pass the --listen parameter, and most of the socket related config options in /etc/libvirt/libvirtd.conf
>        will no longer have any effect. To enable TCP or TLS sockets use either
>           $ systemctl start libvirtd-tls.socket
>        Or
>           $ systemctl start libvirtd-tcp.socket
> But, on my system, there are no such service like libvirtd-tls.socket or libvirtd-tcp.socket.
> root ubts1:~# systemctl  | grep libvirt
>   libvirt-guests.service                                                                      loaded active exited    Suspend/Resume Running libvirt Guests        
>   libvirtd.service                                                                            loaded active running   Virtualization daemon                        
>   libvirtd-admin.socket                                                                       loaded active running   Libvirt admin socket                         
>   libvirtd-ro.socket                                                                          loaded active running   Libvirt local read-only socket               
>   libvirtd.socket                                                                             loaded active running   Libvirt local socket                         
> How can I open the listener ?

On my machine:

  $ systemctl list-unit-files | grep libvirt
  libvirt-guests.service    enabled     enabled
  libvirtd.service          enabled     enabled
  libvirtd-admin.socket     enabled     enabled
  libvirtd-ro.socket        enabled     enabled
  libvirtd-tcp.socket       disabled    enabled
  libvirtd-tls.socket       disabled    enabled
  libvirtd.socket           enabled     enabled

This is Debian, but the Ubuntu package is pretty much identical, so I
don't expect it to behave differently.

So the unit exists on you system, you just need to enable it :)

Andrea Bolognani / Red Hat / Virtualization

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