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Re: Migration via qemu+ssh using a given private ssh key possible ?

Hi Peter,

thank you very much for this hint. Seems to work! :)

But i also tried another switch: no_verify=1

The whole call:

virsh -K0 -k0 migrate --copy-storage-inc --verbose --persistent --live

So as you can see


has been added.

But still i receive

The authenticity of host '[testnode4]:22 ([]:22)' can't be
ECDSA key fingerprint is SHA256:tcF31bWN6Gg8O5bMTkkusbcariPBWjGdLAP7WnfdqsM.
Are you sure you want to continue connecting (yes/no/[fingerprint])?

Should it not accept automatically this unknown fingerprint ?

Mit freundlichen Gruessen / Best regards

Oliver Dzombic
Layer7 Networks

mailto:info layer7 net


Layer7 Networks GmbH
Zum Sonnenberg 1-3
63571 Gelnhausen

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Geschäftsführung: Oliver Dzombic
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Am 03.01.21 um 13:33 schrieb Peter Krempa:
> On Sat, Jan 02, 2021 at 14:25:32 +0100, Oliver Dzombic wrote:
>> Hi,
>> happy new year!
>> Is there a way to tell libvirt to migrate an instance via qemu+ssh using
>> a specific ssh key ?
>> It seems libvirt will always try to use the .ssh/id_rsa private key.
>> But i would like to somehow tell libvirt to use a specific private ssh
>> key. ( At best via command line argument ).
> This can be achieved via the 'keyfile' URI parameter.
> See: https://libvirt.org/uri.html#Remote_URI_parameters

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