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KVM Virtual Machine Network - Guest-guest/VM-VM only network (no host/hypervisor access, no outbound connectivity)

I know that with the virsh command I can create several types of networks (a "NAT network", for example) as we can see in these URLs...

KVM network management
KVM default NAT-based networking (page 33)

QUESTION: How can I create a network (lan_n) where only guests/VMs have connectivity, with no outbound connectivity and no host/hypervisor connectivity?

NOTE: The connectivity to other resources will be provided by a pfSense firewall server that will have access to another network (wan_n) with outbound connectivity and other resources.

Network layout...

   ↕             ↕             ↕
  [V]some_vm_0  [V]some_vm_1  [V]some_vm_4
                [V]some_vm_2  [V]some_vm_5

 _ [N] - Network;
 _ [I] - Network Interface;
 _ [V] - Virtual Machine.

Thanks! =D

ORIGINAL QUESTION: https://serverfault.com/q/1066478/276753


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