DMARC & similar @admins

lejeczek peljasz at
Tue Jan 11 18:58:29 UTC 2022

On 11/01/2022 17:29, Daniel P. Berrangé wrote:
> On Tue, Jan 11, 2022 at 05:18:53PM +0000, lejeczek wrote:
>> Hi guys
>> My memory fools me? - I remembered this list had DMAR+other_bits sorted, so
>> users like myself, on Yahoo, did not loose their own emails.
> Nope, it is currently unfixable. The mail server software handling
> culls the DKIM signatures, so anyone sending from a
> domain that requests strict DMARC policy will have their sent mail
> dropped by any recipient that honours this.  This basically means
> that most subscribers to this list won't see any mail sent by
> @yahoo addresses.
> I've had bug report escalated for over a year now and there's no
> ETA to fix it.
> Regards,
> Daniel
I don't know if it's the exact same Redhat(platform) but 
might be worth consulting freeIPA, oVirt, clusterlabs(who 
recently fixed it) - "it" works over there.

thanks, L.

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