frequent network collapse possibly due to bridging

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Sun Jan 30 05:48:03 UTC 2022

On 1/29/22 10:06, Hakan E. Duran wrote:
> Thank you so much for sharing your script as well! This is so helpful. 
Thank the author, Yury V. Zaytsev <yury at>
> I truly appreciate it knowing that it may not be possible to identify what actually is wrong/failing.

Please post the version of your Hypervisor's OS ("cat /etc/os-release").
If that file doesn't exist, any of: /etc/system-release, 
/etc/SuSE-release, /etc/debian_version, /etc/arch-release,
/etc/gentoo-release, /etc/slackware-version, /etc/frugalware-release,
/etc/altlinux-release, /etc/mandriva-release, or /etc/meego-release.

Also please post the version of spice-server: considering ,
which is described as
    boot up guest in rhel7 host then, do screen via qmp monitor
    in loop, qemu report error message:*"qxl_send_events: spice-server**
**   bug: guest stopped, ignoring*".
    Version-Release number of selected component :
and which is claimed to be fixed. If this is a regression,
and you're running a Red Hat system, you might report it there.

Finally, there is a method for increasing the verbosity of error
logging, but it's a bit tedious to set up and to interpret the
results. See:
For example, setting *LIBVIRT_DEBUG=2* in the startup code for
libvirt. Where exactly to set this will depend on your OS.

Best luck,
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