SR-IOV pool with static MAC address and vlan

Paul B. Henson henson at
Sun Apr 2 01:59:37 UTC 2023

I'm planning to set up a libvirt/kvm system using a card with SR-IOV
support. I'd like to use the vf pool option rather than statically
assigning a vf to each vm. However, I'd also like each vm to have a
static MAC address and I have multiple VLANs they will be on.

I found in the documentation a syntax for specifying a MAC and a vlan
when the vf is statically assigned, but I don't see anything in the
documentation about doing so when using a vf pool?

Did I miss something? Is it possible to do so? If not, is there some
other way to handle MAC addresses and vlans with a vf pool, or if you
need those are you stuck with static assignment?

Thanks much...

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