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RE: audit 1.2.4 released


Can any body give me a pointer on which version or update of Redhat
Enterprise Linux will see audit 1.2?

A more generic question would be: Is there any way I can find out the
packaging plan of Redhat Enterprise Linux with the upcoming versions of

RH Enterprise Linux v-4 comes with audit 1.0 and there are no downloads
for newer version from the redhat download center.


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I've just released a new version of the audit daemon. It can be
from http://people.redhat.com/sgrubb/audit  It will also be in rawhide 
tomorrow. The Changelog is:

- Add support for the new filter key
- Update syscall tables for 2.6.17
- Add audit failure query function
- Switch out gethostbyname call with getaddrinfo
- Add audit by obj capability for 2.6.18 kernel
- Ausearch & aureport now fail if no args to -te
- New auditd.conf option to choose blocking/non-blocking dispatcher
- Ausearch improved search by label

Please let me know if there are any problems with this release.


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