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Re: [PATCH] Fix acct quoting in audit_log_acct_message())

On Tuesday 04 March 2008 16:21:01 John Dennis wrote:
> These are the encoded audit strings in kernel 2.6.24 (Fedora):


Field		24		18		auparse
a[0-9]+	X
acct						X
cmd						X
comm	X		X		X
cwd		X		X		X
data		X
dir		X				X
exe		X		X		X
file						X
key		X		X		X
msg		X
name	X		X		X
new		X		X
old		X		X
path		X		X		X
watch					X

Of these, A0-4 is probably from the execve patch. I have no idea what the 
status of this patch is and if its upstream. I've not seen the records so 
this would be something very new.

acct & cmd is a userspace thing

data, I need to go hunt this down. I don't like the name so it will probably 
need to change in the kernel

msg, name collision it has to change wherever it is in the kernel

new, old, these sound like bugs. They need to get fixed in the kernel

file & watch are probably legacy from RHEL4 I think. It can probably be 


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