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New Version (2090) of Certification Test Suite

HP has posted an updated version of the audit-test suite for the audit and MLS 
portions of CAPP/LSPP/RBACPP certification on RHEL5.1.

The suite (2090) is available as a tarball, a source rpm, and as a noarch
rpm which will install files into /usr/local/eal4_testing/audit-test.
There are 3 README files which describe how to run the tests, how to
develop tests, and how to configure the test server for network tests.

These tests are known to pass on RHEL5.1 plus the updated packages listed
in our security target in both CAPP mode (optional targeted policy) and
LSPP mode (mls policy) on x86_64 and ia64 architectures.  Code exists for 
other architectures but no other architectures have been tested with this 
version of the test suite.  The updated tests fix failures that were due to 
changes in some of the pam audit records.  

We would appreciate feedback as well as patches through the
sourceforge project trackers if you use and update the suite.
We are especially interested in hearing from people running the
tests on other distros, with or without SELinux.


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