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problem while restarting auditd

Good Morning/Afternoon/evening !
One strange thing I'm seeing in /var/log/messages w.r.t. auditd restart.

2011-09-14T11:49:14.541661-07:00 audisp-remote: audisp-remote is
exiting on stop request
2011-09-14T11:49:18.741166-07:00 kernel: audit: *NO* daemon at audit_pid=1652525
2011-09-14T11:49:18.741190-07:00 kernel: __ratelimit: 366 callbacks suppressed
2011-09-14T11:49:18.745558-07:00 auditd[1654362]: Started dispatcher:
/sbin/audispd pid: 1654364
2011-09-14T11:49:18.746081-07:00 audispd: max_restarts_parser called with: 10
2011-09-14T11:49:18.746099-07:00 audispd: priority_boost_parser called with: 10
2011-09-14T11:49:18.746666-07:00 audispd: audispd initialized with
q_depth=90000 and 1 active plugins
2011-09-14T11:49:18.747047-07:00 audisp-remote: Connected to
2011-09-14T11:49:18.750761-07:00 kernel: audit: audit_lost=3823
audit_rate_limit=0 audit_backlog_limit=20480
2011-09-14T11:49:18.750773-07:00 kernel: audit: auditd dissapeared
                      <========= why this message?
2011-09-14T11:49:18.750777-07:00 kernel:

Whenever I'm restarting the auditd using 'service auditd restart'
command, the auditd gets restarted. But the very next moment, I get
"kernel: audit: auditd dissapeared " message & auditing stops
(actually it falls back to syslog). I've to again run 'service auditd
restart' to get the auditing back. So it is taking two restart
operation to do the job. This behavior is consistent & I can recreate
at will.

Also ,when I'm doing 'service auditd stop', followed by 'serveri
auditd start', this is working as desired.

I also tried putting 'sleep 2' between stop & start in
/etc/init.d/auditd, this doesn't solve the issue either.

Is this a know bug and any recommendation over it ?
I'm using audit-2.1-5.el6.x86_64 and audispd-plugins-2.1-5.el6.x86_64
on RHEL 6.1.

Thanks a lot for your help!!


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