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performance questions

I was looking at some strace results from a process using the
audit_log_user_message call and I think I see how I can eliminate some
ioctls and /proc/self lookups by setting the hostname/tty parameters to
non-NULL pointers pointing to NULL values.

But the exename is another story. It does a lookup each time. We have
persistent processes each of which submit 100Ks (on the way to 1Ms) of
audit_log_user_message events daily, so it would make a difference.

I was thinking about a patch to store off the exename statically if one
isn't already in the pipeline. Let me know; I'll submit something if

The other question is on the auditd side. IIUC on each event the
write_to_log function is checking the logfile size. Seems to me that we
could limit the fstat checks to say one every ten events or so. Any
problems there?


LC (Lenny) Bruzenak
lenny magitekltd com

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