[Linux-cachefs] NFS conversion to new netfs and fscache APIs

Daire Byrne daire.byrne at gmail.com
Wed Dec 2 17:01:09 UTC 2020


First off, thanks for the work on this - we look forward to this landing.

I did some very quick tests of just the bandwidth using server class
networking (40Gbit) and storage (NVMe).

Comparing the old fscache with the new one, we saw a minimal degradation in
reading back from the backing disk. But I am putting this more down the the
more directio style of access in the new version.

This can be seen when the cache is being written as we no longer use the
writeback cache. I'm assuming something similar happens on reads so that we
don't use readahead?

Anyway, the quick summary of performance using 10 threads of reads follows.
I should mention that the NVMe has a physical limit of ~2,500MB/s writes &
5,000MB/s reads:

iter fscache:
uncached first reads ~2,500MB/s (writing to nvme ext4/xfs)
cached subsequent reads ~4,200 (reading from nvme ext4)
cached subsequent reads ~3,500 (reading from nvme xfs)

old fscache:
uncached first reads ~2,500MB/s (writing to nvme ext4/xfs)
cached subsequent reads ~5,000 (reading from nvme ext4)
xfs crashes a lot ...

I have not done a thorough analysis of CPU usage or perf top differences

Then I went on to test our rather unique NFS re-export workload where we
take this fscache backed server and re-export the fsc mounts to many
clients. At this point something odd appeared to be happening. The clients
were loading software from the fscache backed mounts but were often
segfaulting at various points. This suggested that they were getting
corrupted data or the memory mapping (binaries, libraries) was failing in
some way. Perhaps some odd interaction between fscache and knfsd?

I did a quick test of re-export without the fsc caching enabled on the
server mounts (with the same 5.10-rc kernel) and I didn't get any errors.
That's as far as I got before I got drawn away by other things. I hope to
dig into it a little more next week. But I just thought I'd give some quick
feedback of one potential difference I'm seeing compared to the previous

I also totally accept that this is a very niche workload (and hard to
reproduce)... I should have more details on it next week.


On Sat, Nov 21, 2020 at 1:50 PM David Wysochanski <dwysocha at redhat.com>

> I just posted patches to linux-nfs but neglected to CC this list.  For
> any interested in patches which convert NFS to use the new netfs and
> fscache APIs, please see the following series on linux-nfs:
> [PATCH v1 0/13] Convert NFS to new netfs and fscache APIs
> https://marc.info/?l=linux-nfs&m=160596540022461&w=2
> Thanks.
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