[Linux-cluster] GFS with ATA/IDE drives

Erik Tews erik at debian.franken.de
Wed Jun 30 20:21:23 UTC 2004

Am Mi, den 30.06.2004 schrieb Ken Preslan um 22:06:
> > 1. Does GFS support ATA/IDE drives? (I see SCSI and FC in the docs) 2. If
> > yes, is it recommended by Red Hat 3. Is it better to use iSCSI or GNDB (any
> > know issues)
> ...
> The most simple setup is to have one machine with a big pile of IDE disks 
> export thost disks to an IP network with GNBD (or iSCSI).  The client
> machines (running GFS) then import the disks from the GNBD server and
> GFS manages the concurrent access.  A setup like that works fine.  The
> problem is the one GNBD server is a single point of failure.  If that one
> machine dies, they whole cluster dies.

Was there any special reason for inventing GNBD instead of just using
iSCSI for network storage? Is it somehow faster or more relyable?

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