[Linux-cluster] GFS 2Tb limit

Stephen Willey stephen.willey at framestore-cfc.com
Wed Sep 1 11:31:41 UTC 2004

There was a post a while back asking about 2Tb limits and the consensus 
was that with 2.6 you should be able to exceed the 2Tb limit with GFS.  
I've been trying several ways to get GFS working including using 
software raidtabs and LVM (seperately :) ) and everytime I try to use 
mkfs.gfs on a block device larger than 2Tb I get the following:

Command: mkfs.gfs -p lock_dlm -t cluster1:gfs1 -j 8 /dev/md0
Result: mkfs.gfs: can't determine size of /dev/md0: File too large

(/dev/md0 is obviously something different when using LVM or direct 
block device access)

Does anyone have a working GFS filesystem larger than 2Tb (or know how 
to make one)?
Without being able to scale past 2Tb, GFS becomes pretty useless for us...

Thanks for any help,


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