[Linux-cluster] Re: errors on inode.c

Ed L Cashin ecashin at coraid.com
Wed Sep 1 14:31:09 UTC 2004

Jeff <jeff at intersystems.com> writes:

> I ran into this when I moved from one of the snapshots to
> the cvs-latest. Issue "updatedb" and then "locate gfs_ioctl.h".
> Remove the copies outside of the source tree. The make script
> looks for header files in various places other than the source
> tree and if it finds them, it uses them in preference to the
> source tree.

That seems like a problem.  New code should build cleanly in
isolation, otherwise it can be polluted by leftovers sprinkled around
the system.  

It isn't easy to install the cluster software into a separate
directory like /opt/cluster-20040901/, so it is likely that there will
be old files in places like /usr/include.

> There may be similar problems with header files for
> cman-kernel and gfs-kernel.

Yes, but they aren't consistent enough to script away easily.

> Also, the libraries moved between the snapshots and latest
> so if you did install the snapshot you need to execute:
>    rm -rf /lib/libmagma* /lib/magma /lib/libgulm*
>    rm -rf /lib/libccs* /lib/libdlm*
> before you build from cvs.

  Ed L Cashin <ecashin at coraid.com>

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