[Linux-cluster] Problem with RHEL3 and GFS-, Kernel P anic

Paulo Sousa psousa at ptinovacao.pt
Fri Sep 17 09:06:42 UTC 2004

>>On Thu, Sep 16, 2004 at 11:05:02AM +0100, Paulo Sousa wrote:
>>                I' testing the GFS in RHEL3 but I have some problems.
>>                 I have 2 servers connect to a shared SCSI storage and one
>>    of  the  serves  is  the  lock server (I don't have redundancy at this
>>    moment to lock_server, it is just for testing)
>>                Server1 (mount gfs filesystem + lock_server)
>>                Server2 (mount gfs filessystem)
>>                This is the test I have made in the server 1
>>                /etc/init.d/lock_gulmd stop

>You have a single lock server.  This is where all of the lock state is
>stored.  The lock state is what keeps the different nodes mounting gfs
>from corrupting data.  You have no redundancy in the lock state.  You
>stopped the lock server.  The lock state was lost.  The cluster cannot
>continue.  The nodes killed themselves rather than let the filesystem
>meta data get corrupted.
>If you want to be able to stop lock servers, you MUST have redundancy in
>the lock servers.  For gulm this means you need three nodes.

Tank you, but my problem is: The system gives kernel panic and stop, then I
need make reboot manual.

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