[Linux-cluster] Performance metrics on using gfs pool manager

Quiskamp, Bernd bernd.quiskamp at hp.com
Wed Sep 22 08:18:47 UTC 2004

Are there any performance metrics available concerning different gfs
pool manager configurations? We intent to use gfs in an EMC san storage
environment. Our preferred storage configuration is to bind only one big
storage device (up to 2 TByte) with gfs pool volume manager, leaving all
configuration and administration efforts on the storage site.
An alternative configuration could be the usage of a high number (up to
50) of small devices, which will be integrated and managed by pool
volume manager.
What is the best strategy to get the best performance with minimized
admin effort? Are there any experiences with different gfs
Thank you in advance
Bernd Quiskamp (bernd.quiskamp at hp.com)
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