[Linux-cluster] mount is hanging

micah nerren mnerren at paracel.com
Thu Sep 30 23:01:44 UTC 2004


I have a SAN with 4 file systems on it, each GFS. These are mounted
across various servers running GFS, 3 of which are lock_gulm servers.
This is on RHEL WS 3 with GFS-6.0.0-7.1 on x86_64.

One of the file systems simply will not mount now. The other 3 mount and
unmount fine. They are all part of the same cca. I have my master lock
server running in heavy debug mode but none of the output from
lock_gulmd tells me anything about this one bad pool. How can I figure
out what is going on, any good debug or troubleshooting steps I should
do? I think if I just reboot everything it will settle down, but we
can't do that just yet, as the master lock server happens to be on a
production box right now.

Also, is there a way to migrate a master lock server to a slave lock
server? In other words, can I force the master to become a slave and a
slave to become the new master?


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