[Linux-cluster] CLVM & Partition Mounting

Patrick Caulfield pcaulfie at redhat.com
Wed Dec 7 08:40:24 UTC 2005

D Canfield wrote:
> I'm trying to build my first GFS cluster (2-node on a SAN) on RHEL4, and
> I can get things up and running manually, but I'm having some trouble
> getting the process to automate smoothly.
> The first issue is that after I install the lvm2-cluster RPM, I can no
> longer boot the machine cleanly because my /var/log partition is on a
> separate LVM VolumeGroup (It's still a standard ext3 partition, I just
> keep all my logs on a RAID10 array in a different area of the SAN for
> performance) and the presence of clvm library seems to prevent vgchange
> from running at boot time since clvmd isn't yet running.  This part I'm
> assuming I'm just missing something obvious, but I have no idea what.

You need to mark cluster VGs as clustered (vgchange -cy) and non-clustered VGs
as non-clustered (vgchange -cn). You can't have non-clustered LVs in a
clustered VG (though it doesn't look like you're doing that).

The activation for local VGs should then have the --ignorelockingfailure flag
passed to the LVM commands, which should also only be activating the local VG)
so it will carry on even if the cluster locking attempt fails.

> The second issue is that GFS doesn't seem to allow an automatic way to
> actually mount the GFS partitions once clvmd is started.  This is a bit
> of an issue since the partition I am going to want to mount in most
> cases is /home, and even if I put a mount line in /etc/rc.local, that
> means services like imap (this cluster) or samba (on the next one) will
> be up and trying to serve items out of the home directories before the
> directories exist.
> Sorry if I'm being brain dead on this, the fact that I couldn't any
> reference to it anywhere else suggests I probably am.   Can anyone offer
> any hints?



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